Allen A. Baidey, MD

Dr. Allen Baidey began training at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine in Neuro-Psychiatry and simultaneously began training in the field of Interventional Pain Management with a subsequent formal fellowship that continued at the University of Virginia, with focus on surgical placement of implantable devices along with other invasive and noninvasive techniques. Furthermore, Dr. Baidey was commissioned to the University of Colorado in order to hone his skills using implantable devices with renowned physicians in the field.  His unique multidisciplinary training has made him a pioneering physician that can tie together multiple specialties when treating his Patients.

Dr. Baidey treats many disorders that can result in short or long term pain.  Most commonly treated disorders include spinal, nerve (Neuropathic) pain, headaches, arthritis, and pain associated with Failed back surgery syndrome.

As one of the earliest Physicians in the US with advanced Neuro-Stimulator Implant training, (including occipital and peripheral implantation as well as spinal) Doctor Baidey’s goal is to help his Patients increase functionality and not simply to reduce pain, as function has a significant impact on long term health.   Many different Image Guided procedures can be performed with 90% not requiring an open incision.

Dr. Baidey practiced in Sarasota, Florida independently for 13 years and subsequently retired at the age of 45.  He then  began collaborating with his wife (a renowned Wedding and Costume designer) in the development of her new patented invention; a unique woman’s shoe that is comfortable and fashionable.  The product was issued a US patent and will roll out into production in the near future.  He will resume a part time medical practice in the field of Neuro-Psychiatry in Sarasota in late 2018.  His main specialty (Neuro-Interventional Spine and Pain Mgmt) will resume in the near future when he has more time to contribute to medicine.

Dr. Baidey’s interests include traveling, boating, and he is an automotive enthusiast.  He is a trained performance/racing driver and was coached by Hurley Haywood, the most decorated endurance driver in history.  In addition, he is a published photographer and his work has appeared in multiple international publications.


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Dr. Allen  Baidey, MD

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